How to request specific Library’s items?

Objavljeno 27.3.2012.

After you have established that a desired item is part of the Library’s holdings, you have to submit a written request concerning that item by filling out a special request form (available at the desks in the reading rooms). There you should enter the call number and all other details concerning a requested item, your personal data and signature. See: examples of properly filled out Material Request Forms.

What is a call number (shelfmark)?
A call number is a numerical designation of a specific location in Closed Stacks (indicated by a label on the back cover of a particular library item) or an alphanumerical designation of a location on the shelves in the Open Access Reading Rooms (indicated by a book spine label or an alternative labelling on other types of library material). Call numbers may be found at the bottom of catalogue records in Online Library Catalogues or in the middle section of a card within the Alphabetical Card Catalogue of Books and Periodicals on the Ground Floor.

How does a shelfmark look like?
· Closed Stack Items – numerical designation, for example 1-700 000, I-1…, II-1…, III-1…

Open Access Reading Rooms Materials – alphanumerical designation, i.e. 577 K18 (for books); DCR, DCD, DCY (for master’s and doctoral theses).

· Newspapers in the Periodicals Reading Room – numerical designation, i.e. 85 000, 86 000, 89 000, 210 000, 211 000-215 000.

· Electronic materials – alphanumerical designation, i.e. E-….

· Special shelfmarks for Closed Stack Items: PK (posebno Kombol), PI (posebno Ivšić), PF (posebno Frangeš), P (prigodnice), BT (biblioteka Tomašić), HST (hrvatski sitni tisak), IT (iseljenički tisak), IC (inozemna Croatica), IC-GH (inozemna Croatica-gradišćanski Hrvati).