Homeland War Book Collection

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Hrvoje Špac

The Homeland War Book Collection of the National and University Library in Zagreb was established by the Decision of the Library’s Professional Committee on 9 December 2008. The significance of the Homeland War, a period strongly marking the history of the Croatian people, is reflected in the number and diversity of national and foreign publications thematising this period.

The Homeland War in these publications is approached in the context of different scientific fields – history, political science, military science, legal considerations and other – and from different points of view, including those presented in foreign publications from Europe and the world. Therefore, the purpose of the Collection is to assemble all relevant materials on the Homeland War in one place and thus offer the most detailed insight possible into this complex and multidisciplinary subject area. A collection built on such principles gives a comprehensive overview on all research conducted in this context so far and serves as a valuable resource for future research into the Homeland War.

The Collection’s activities include presentations of new publications on the Homeland War, thematic book exhibitions and a permanent exhibition spotlighting the latest titles added to the Collection. The Collection currently holds approximately 3,700 titles and 3,800 units (February 2018).