D-fest 2022: Registration open for Eleventh Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects

Objavljeno 13.4.2022.

Registration is now open for the Eleventh Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects, the 2022 edition of the annual gathering of the National and University Library in Zagreb spotlighting the digitisation of cultural and scientific heritage, which the Library will host on 12 and 13 May 2022.

This year’s Festival will bring together a significant number of professionals dealing with the digitisation of cultural heritage and development of digital heritage collections who will present their work in the previous year and share their insights regarding digital heritage management and interpreting, contextualising and bringing together that heritage through cooperation projects.

Featured as the Festival’s central theme will be e-Culture, currently the largest Croatian national digitisation project, whose results so far as well as plans in the context of its following stages will be presented as part of the programme.

The Festival’s speakers and other participants will also present various digitisation projects, both national and international, from the perspective of institutional cooperation on the digitisation of cultural heritage, challenges related to producing online exhibitions, address issues surrounding digital humanities and call attention to opportunities for using digital heritage collections for educational purposes.

Preliminary programme (Croatian version only).

Registration form.

The online poster of D-fest 2022, the Eleventh Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects.