#StayHome and do your part in containing COVID-19 by visiting NSK online exhibitions portal

Objavljeno 27.3.2020.

Although closed for users since 19 March 2020 as a measure to combat the spread of COVID-19, the National and University Library in Zagreb is enabling all its users and everyone interested in valuable heritage in its collections, as well as the collections of other heritage institutions in Croatia, to see exhibitions as part of the Library’s online exhibitions portal.

The Library’s first online exhibition, put on as part of its comprehensive digitisation programme, was created in 2012, as a result of a project aimed at the digitisation of works by Ruđer Bošković, a world-famous Croatian 18th century astronomer and mathematician. Since then, the Library has made available another 12 exhibitions, of which three are available in English (Croatian Glagolitic Heritage, Marko Marulić and Faust Vrančić) and one in German (Marko Marulić).

The exhibitions present valuable digitised heritage using an interactive approach, while their varied dynamic additional content, such as quizzes and jigsaw puzzles, is aimed at bringing that heritage closer to younger generations. Coordinated by the Library’s Croatian Digital Library Development Division, operating as part of the Croatian Institute for Librarianship, several Library’s departments participate in the preparation of the exhibitions. Technical support is provided by the Library’s IT Department, and, as of recently, the Blue Factory IT company, participating as an outside collaborator.

In March 2020, wishing to set up an extensive network of online exhibitions, the Library started collecting data about similar online exhibitions of other Croatian heritage institutions. An ensuing collaboration with Međimurje Museum in Čakovec and Petar Preradović Public Library in Bjelovar resulted in the addition to the portal of four new exhibitions and around 400 units of digitised heritage. Also, the Library has issued a call to all Croatian libraries to create their own online exhibitions using the Library’s online exhibitions system.

Seven new exhibitions are currently being prepared, and the portal’s development strategy focuses on enabling further improvements in the interdisciplinary presentation of Croatian cultural and scientific heritage, along with the closer linking of the portal’s activities with the creative industries field.

The National and University Library in Zagreb is urging its users, as well as all Croatian citizens, to conscientiously and responsibly abide by the mandatory measures issued by authorised national bodies to combat the spread of COVID-19 and bring all their activities, including those related to the field of culture, in line with those measures.