Croatian Web Archive launches new website

Objavljeno 27.2.2020.

On 20 February 2020, the Croatian Web Archive (Hrvatski arhiv weba, HAW), a system of the National and University Library in Zagreb for cataloguing, archiving and enabling long-term preservation of and access to Croatian web resources, launched its new website. The Archive’s website’s new, third interface follows the latest developments in the advance of the World Wide Web, and the related technologies and services, as well as the changing requirements of its users, and makes available new features aimed at enhancing user experience. HAW, whose total size is currently over 50TB, provides insight into the history of the Croatian web domain, offering access to the archived copies of Croatian websites dated since 2004 to the present day.

The Archive’s website’s first user interface was set up in 2005 as part of the Croatian Online Publications Digital Archive project (Digitalni arhiv hrvatskih mrežnih publikacija, DAMP), and was available until 2010 as part of the website of the National and University Library in Zagreb. Due to its various shortcomings, such as the dispersal of general information about the Archive, the low visibility of its content, the dispersal of its webpages and archived content between two separate interfaces and the lack of statistics, it was replaced by an improved, second website.

The Archive’s second website, launched in 2011 and enhanced through many added features, operated as an independent and comprehensive system on its own sub-domain (, making available in one place the entire archived content and all information and documents in any way related to the Archive’s activity.

At the beginning of 2020, the Croatian Web Archive and the University of Zagreb Computing Centre (SRCE) jointly conducted the ninth Croatian web domain crawl. The Archive currently makes available eleven thematic collections and over 7,900 titles and the related 61,689 copies of archived web resources. Among the content archived through selective harvesting, websites make 62%, books 24% and journals and magazines 12% of the content.