Croatian Web Archive (HAW) accessible via Memento “Time Travel for the Web” protocol

Objavljeno 1.9.2020.

As a result of the cooperation between the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) and the Zagreb University Computing Centre (SRCE) on the development and management of the Croatian Web Archive (HAW), HAW is now part of the global community of web archives supporting the Memento “Time Travel for the Web” protocol (RFC7089).

In response to the highly dynamic character of the World Wide Web, whose content constantly changes and is more often than not likely to disappear quickly, the Memento protocol has been developed as part of a homonymous project led by the Research Library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Computer Science Department of Old Dominion University.

By adding a time dimension to HTTP, the Memento protocol enables web users to easily access archived versions of webpages as they existed at a specified time in the past. Instead of having to search for a resource in individual web archives, users may now access all webpages archived as part of any of 20 web archives in the world currently supporting the Memento protocol.

Install in your browser the Memento extension (compatible with Chrome and Firefox), or simply go to Memento, and off you go on your journey through web time!