Croatian Book Night 2020

Objavljeno 28.2.2020.

On 23 April 2020, the National and University Library in Zagreb will host the ninth edition of Croatian Book Night, an annual national programme aimed at the popularisation of reading and promotion of books. Apart from wishing to prompt a wider public debate on the social status of the book and the importance of values associated with it in the contemporary society, Croatian Book Night is also organised as a way of marking World Book and Copyright Day (23 April) and Croatian Book Day (22 April).

The organisers of the 2020 Croatian Book Night are again inviting everyone interested in taking part in this national programme, ranging from bookstores, second-hand and antiquarian bookshops through libraries and various public and educational institutions to all other book-friendly organisations or individuals to submit from 5 to 27 March 2020 their programme of events. Be it a book launch, public reading, get-together with authors, workshop, book exchange, or some completely original kind of event, it should spotlight books and their related universe(s), along with the power and magic of the written word.

Wishing to bring attention to drastic changes currently affecting our planet and the global society, the theme of this year’s Croatian Book Night is Books That Changed the World. Once the chief preoccupation of philosophers, historians, writers, sociologists, change has become what social activists and ecologists of today are desperately trying to warn us about. And while many of us still passively browse through disastrous news about wildfires all around the globe, especially those raging across almost an entire continent, Arctic’s highest temperatures on record, the increasing numbers of plant and animal species threatened with extinction, and many other deeply unsettling developments and events, teenagers are turning into the leading figures of the global environmentalist movement.

Prompted by all this, the 2020 Croatian Book Night programme puts its focus on change, wishing to remind everyone that the important role of books in the course of human history has always been reflected both in books being shaped by social change and, even more important, their ability to bring about social change. It thus encourages us to explore the books that have particularly contributed to everything that is positive in today’s world – in what way were we inspired by them, what was it that they made us do? What was their impact on humans, their life, habits and values? Which among them still inspire us to change, despite being written long time ago? And finally, what kinds of books should be written for creating a world that we want to live in?

We say – Books change our world. Everyone who reads, knows this. What do you say?

The organisers of the Croatian Book Night programme are the Publishers and Booksellers Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, National and University Library in Zagreb, Zagreb City Libraries, Publishers’ Reprographic Rights Association – ZANA (Udruga za zaštitu prava nakladnika), Knjižni blok – Inicijativa za knjigu pro-book association, books-and-culture-oriented web portal Moderna vremena and the Croatian Association of School Librarians.