Croatian Book Night 2019: Knowledgeman is coming – you better read!

Objavljeno 18.4.2019.

On Tuesday, 23 April, World Book and Copyright Day, the National and University Library in Zagreb will host the opening of the 2019 Croatian Book Night and welcome Knowledgeman, a superhero who owes his powers to books and reading. This year’s Croatian Book Night, the eight edition of a national programme promoting books and reading, will start at 12.00, in the Library’s grand lobby.

A welcome programme for Knowledgeman will include the presentation of the results of the latest survey of Croatia’s book market, conducted in March 2019 by the Kvaka market research agency. Also, awards will be presented to the winners of a special literary competition as part of which young book and comic book enthusiasts presented their favourite book and comic book heroes, who will now join Knowledgeman’s supersquad on a mission to bring books back to people and people back to books. The competition has been sponsored by Profil, Školska knjiga, Mozaik knjiga, Fibra, Matica hrvatska – ogranak Bizovac, Planetopija, Večernji list, Meridijani and Bug.

Knowledgeman, coming from a faraway planet Libromeda, is rushing to rescue our sometimes dwindling awareness of the value of books and the significance of reading. The exciting details of his journey, presented in the original illustrations of Josip Sršen and Sebastijan Čamagajevac, may be followed on the Croatian Book Night Facebook page, and will be exhibited as part of the Croatian Book Night opening ceremony.

Our Best-Loved Book and Comic Book Heroes, the theme of the 2019 Croatian Book Night, is occasioned by several anniversaries that some of the most prominent heroes in more recent book and comic book history are celebrating this year – the 180th anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time (Герой нашего времени), 80th anniversary of the Marvel Comics battalion of superheroes, 50th anniversary of Alan Ford, the hilarious hero of a homonymous Italian comic book hugely popular in Croatia and other ex-Yugoslav countries, Popeye the Sailor’s 90th anniversary, the 50th anniversary of the birth and 20th anniversary of the death of Edvin Biuković, an extremely accomplished and world-famous Croatian comic strip artist, etc.

The organisers of Croatian Book Night 2019 are the Publishers and Booksellers Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, National and University Library in Zagreb, Zagreb City Libraries, Knjižni blok – Inicijativa za knjigu pro-book association, Publishers’ Reprographic Rights Association – ZANA (Udruga za zaštitu prava nakladnika) and Moderna vremena, a books-and-culture-oriented web portal, and the Croatian Association of School Librarians. The programme will be held under the auspices of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Science and Education and Croatian Commission for UNESCO at the Croatian Ministry of Culture, while the resources for its realisation were also provided by the Publishers’ Reprographic Rights Association – ZANA, Croatian Ministry of Culture and City of Zagreb.