Call for papers for NSK symposium: “Distributed Library Information Systems and Integrated Services”

Objavljeno 21.11.2019.

The National and University Library in Zagreb is organising Distributed Library Information Systems and Integrated Services, a scientific symposium supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture scheduled to take place on 17 December 2019 as part of an annual open conference for users of the Integrated Library System of the National and University Library in Zagreb and the Croatian Academic and Research Libraries.

The symposium is expected to bring together information professionals and librarians from all types of libraries, regardless of the integrated library system used or implemented level of automation. Also, it is equally intended for professional practitioners and LIS and ICT researchers, as well as those in the field of informatics, and other scientific fields. The symposium programme will address issues concerning the development and implementation of information systems and the digital transformation of libraries and heritage institutions. Particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of adopting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach with regard to the development of information systems, knowledge management and the implementation of information systems in heritage institutions.

The aim of the symposium is to provide a platform for the presentation of new knowledge and insights, exchange of views and experiences and demonstration of research projects and programmes, as well as programmes and services in the field of the implementation of information systems and digital transformation-related processes in heritage institutions.

The theme of this year’s symposium brings special attention to issues related to interoperability, implementation of standards in the field of information systems, the linking of information systems, development of knowledge organisation library formats and new opportunities in this context, development of metadata standards and ontologies, development and implementation of semantic infrastructure, as well as the reuse of heritage data.

Proposals are also invited on the following sub-themes:

– library information systems and software: development of library information systems and software, information and resource discovery systems, repositories, API, distributed information systems, blockchain technology,

– format development: the development and updating of formats, metadata translation, format conversion, metadata schemes, development and implementation of ontologies, interoperability, BIBFRAME,

– linking, exchange, sharing and permanent use of heritage data: data literacy, big data, research data, linked data, open data, digital analysis, data visualisation, machine learning, deep learning, cooperation in the field of digital humanities,

– digital transformation: systems librarianship, embedded librarianship, smart libraries and library services, augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR), Internet of things (IoT) and heritage institutions, digital search, BYOD policies.

Proposals may be sent for 15-minute oral presentations (with additional time planned for discussion), 30-minute workshops, 10-minute presentations of programmes and services, and 5-minute poster presentations, abstracts for which have to be composed according to a structured proposal template and submitted until 29 November 2019 via an online submission form. The use of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach and cooperation between speakers is particularly encouraged. Authors will be notified of the outcome of their submission until 2 December 2019.

Papers presented at the symposium and submitted in full length until 31 March 2020 will be published under the Creative Commons licence and made publicly available as part of the symposium website.

The Chair of the symposium’s Organising Committee is NSK Library Adviser at the Croatian Institute for Librarianship and President of the Croatian Library Association Dr Dijana Machala, and its other members NSK Acting Director General Dr Tatijana Petrić, Head of the Croatian Institute for Librarianship Dr Tinka Katić, Head of NSK Cataloguing Department Tanja Buzina, NSK Library Adviser and Head of the Central Office for Academic and Special Libraries in Croatia Dr Zagorka Majstorović, Head of NSK IT Department Dr Marko Orešković and Senior Public Relations Adviser at NSK Marketing and Communications Section Maja Priselac.

Apart from Dr Dijana Machala, Tanja Buzina and Dr Marko Orešković, the members of the Programme Committee are also NSK Standards Librarian Dr Ana Vukadin, Head of NSK Croatian National Bibliography Department Dr Lobel Machala, Head of NSK Acquisition and Collection Development Department Dr Vesna Golubović, Dr Tamara Krajna (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb), Dr Helena Markulin (School of Medicine, University of Zagreb), Tomislav Murati (Croatian Catholic University), Vesna Novosel (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb), Marijana Glavica (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb) and Branka Marjanović (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb).