Objavljeno 21.2.2012.

BookCrossing was originally established as a virtual movement in the USA when the website was launched in 2001. According to the basic principle of BookCrossing, books should be ‘set free’ instead of ‘being kept captive on shelves’. The followers of this movement around the world leave books for others to take, read and further pass on to new readers.

In April last year, within the programme of the BookCrossing Week, The National and University Library in Zagreb was the first in Croatia to officially present the BookCrossing practice, whose principle of pick up-read-and-return had already been known in some circles of the Croatian society. As a result of the programme BookCrossing at Croatian University Libraries, the BookCrossing spots will no longer be permanently set up only at the National and University Library in Zagreb, but at other university libraries in Croatia as well.