“At the heart of the love of books – NSK conservation experts in action”: NSK marks European Heritage Days 2021

Objavljeno 11.10.2021.

On 6 and 7 October 2021, the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) hosted At the heart of the love of books – NSK conservation experts in action, a special programme organised by the Library’s Preservation and Storage Department to mark European Heritage Days 2021 and the Department’s 60 more than busy years of providing collection care and conservation services. The Croatian edition of this year’s European Heritage Days programme, spotlighting the theme Heritage for All and running until the end of October, is organised by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media.

Initiated by the Council of Europe in 1985, European Heritage Days programme, traditionally taking place during September and October, was joined by the European Union in 1999, with Croatia joining it in 1995, when it declared its village Krapje an architectural heritage site. Annually organised in some 50 countries, this year’s edition of the programme is held under the slogan Heritage: All inclusive, which is expected to inspire and promote togetherness, cooperation, social inclusion and equal opportunities for all communities and social groups when it comes to experiencing cultural heritage. The theme also particularly targets diverse marginalised social groups, addressing obstacles to their inclusion in shared cultural heritage and highlighting ways in which they can become better represented as part of it and participate in its presentation and interpretation.

Highlighting the value of written heritage and its protection and in this context wishing to raise awareness of the role of every individual in taking responsibility and active part in its preservation, the Library’s At the heart of the love of books – NSK conservation experts in action programme included an exhibition featuring books in different stages of various conservation-restauration treatments and workshops and demonstrations of conservation treatments.

During the two-day programme, NSK conservation experts presented how they daily carry out one of the Library’s principal tasks – the preservation and protection of Croatia’s written heritage. They demonstrated all the fragility of this type of heritage and ways of its protection, and acquainted the public with the activities of the Department and the role of conservation-restauration experts in the protection of library holdings. The programme participants also had an opportunity to learn more about the structure of the book, various types of book damage and deterioration, simple procedures that they can follow at home for minor repairs and all about the optimal conditions in which they should keep their books.