8th Miroslav Krleža Festival

Objavljeno 18.6.2019.

In an already traditional fashion, from 28 June to 7 July 2019, Zagreb will be hosting the 8th edition of Miroslav Krleža Festival, an annual cultural festival commemorating undoubtedly the greatest Croatian writer of the 20th century and one of the greatest Croatian writers of all time.

Apart from hosting the 2019 Miroslav Krleža Festival, Zagreb will also be the very focus of the Festival’s programme, in both its real and imaginary aspect. In the words of Marijan Matković, as paraphrased by Goran Matović, the Festival’s author and director, “Krleža is not a troubadour in love with his city, singing it serenades, but a creator who made Zagreb part of his suffering, defiance, conspiracy, fight, as well as of his persevering resistance to evil. All this tells us that Zagreb in Krleža does not only live in a historical sense, but in the sense of embodying a specific perspective as well.”

The National and University Library in Zagreb will take part in the Festival’s programme by putting on a special one-day exhibition featuring Krleža’s manuscripts held in the Library’s collections. Also, the exhibition programme will include the marking of the centenary of the publication of two Krleža’s collections of poetry, Pjesme III (Poems III) and Lirika (Lyric), as well as of the first issue of Plamen, a literary journal that Krleža edited together with August Cesarec, as part of which the Library, Jesenski i Turk publishing house and Teatar poezije art organisation will jointly publish these works’ reprints.

A large part of the Festival’s programme will be taking place at Krležin Gvozd, Krleža’s home, which today houses the Bela and Miroslav Krleža memorial centre, where the festival visitors will be able to enjoy the performances of Krleža’s famous plays Gospoda Glembajevi (The Glembaj Family), directed by Branko Brezovec, and U logoru (In the camp), directed by the late distinguished Croatian theatre and film director Georgij Paro as part of the 2014 Festival. Apart from the award-winning monodrama directed by Dragan Despot which dramatises Krleža’s famous 1938 novel Na rubu pameti (On the Edge of Reason), the visitors will also be able to see the dramatization of Krleža’s novella Cvrčak pod vodopadom (The Cricket Beneath the Waterfall), directed by Iva Srnec, and Krležina igra detekcije (Quizzing Out Krleža), directed by Mario Kovač and Ana Prolić. Also, the programme will include the presentation of a play by Zlatko Sviben thematising the key women in Krleža’s life (Od Bele do Isabelle). The Festival’s programme will close with Breakfast at Krleža’s, a special gastronomy-and-literature event bordering on surrealism, on 7 July, at 7 a.m., the exact time of Krleža’s birth.

Programme of the 8th Miroslav Krleža Festival (Croatian text only).