12th Croatian Conference on Public Libraries

Objavljeno 1.10.2019.

The National and University Library in Zagreb is organising the 12th Croatian Conference on Public Libraries, which will be taking place from 2 to 4 October 2019 at the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the oldest and largest national park in Croatia, at the Jezero hotel.

The co-organisers of the Conference are the Croatian Library Association and Gospić Independent Public Library, with the National and University Library in Ljubljana and Slovenian Library Association acting as partners.

The theme of this year’s Conference, Changes in the Public Library – Reality, Needs, and Modern Trends, highlights the ongoing changes and transformations in the public library sector from the perspective of current social conditions and requirements, as well as contemporary. The conference programme will thus provide insight into theoretical and practical issues related to legal and strategic documents in the public library field, as well as into contemporary approaches towards establishing public library networks, strengthening cooperation between libraries and bodies of public administration in EU countries for the purpose of jointly producing strategic documents focusing on the development of library activity, and the latest international practice and experiences in achieving better cooperation among libraries at international level.

The conference programme will also address other issues in relation to creating functional public library networks and ensuring their development in compliance with national and international norms and professional standards, recognising the role of library regulations and directives in strategic development of society as a whole, as well as drawing on non-budgetary funds and EU funding programmes to enable libraries to fulfil their social role as polyfunctional centres of local communities.

This year’s conference programme will also include the presentation of successful library projects funded as part of EU funding programmes, and introduce Library Film Festival, as an entirely new session.

Programme of the Conference.
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