12th Croatian Conference on Public Libraries: Call for Papers

Objavljeno 15.3.2019.

The 12th Croatian Conference on Public Libraries will be held from 2 to 4 October 2019 at the Plitvice Lakes National Park, at the Jezero hotel.

The theme of this year’s Conference highlights the ongoing changes and transformations in the public library sector from the perspective of current social conditions and requirements, as well as contemporary trends (Promjene u narodnom knjižničarstvu – stvarnost, potrebe i suvremeni trendovi). The conference programme will thus focus on the central role of public libraries in social development and progress on all levels, from the local to national and international.

In this context, the role of the recently introduced legislation identifying ways in which libraries and library activity contribute to social development strategies in relation to the freedom of access to information, culture, education, science, innovation and research, work and social care, public health, industry and economy is of particular importance. Library practice clearly shows that, apart from providing their traditional services, modern libraries operate as multifunctional centres in local communities and significantly contribute to their development in all the above-mentioned fields, as well as in relation to lifelong learning and social inclusion.

The future development of the Croatian public library network should be geared towards enabling a more efficient and practical use of the potential of public libraries for the advancement of the Croatian society and their better positioning in the field of creative and cultural industries, with the aim of improving their competitiveness when applying for programmes providing non-government funds, including those of the European Union.

The Conference will present various projects realised as part of programmes providing non-budgetary and EU funds for public libraries. Along with the newly introduced Library Film Festival session, the conference programme will focus on five subthemes:

– ensuring a highly functional public library network based on a development strategy brought in line with national and international professional standards,

– highlighting the role of library legislation as an essential part of the overall social development strategy,

– recognising the significance of strategic documents highlighting the social potential of public libraries for the development of library activity,

– successfully applying for programmes providing non-government and EU funds for public libraries,

– maintaining the role of modern public libraries as multifunctional centres of local communities.

The Conference’s main organiser is the National and University Library in Zagreb, with the Croatian Library Association’s Public Library Section and Gospić Public Library acting as co-organisers, and the National and University Library in Ljubljana’s Slovenian Library Network Development Centre and the Slovenian Library Association acting as partners.

All interested in delivering their presentation at the Conference should submit their abstracts not later than 12 April 2019.

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