Third International Scientific Symposium: “The Book and Society: A Social, Philological and Intellectual History of the Book and Its Present”

Objavljeno 1.9.2017.

The third international scientific symposium The Book and Society: A Social, Philological and Intellectual History of the Book and Its Present will take place on 26 and 27 September 2017 at the Milesi Palace in Split. The symposium is organised by the Department of Croatian Language and Literature of the Split Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the National and University Library in Zagreb, with the support of the Split Literary Circle.

The symposium will be held as part of the 29th Mediterranean Book Week (29. Knjiga Mediterana), and it will address both theoretical and practical issues related to the role of the book for the purpose of opening a dialogue on the impact it has had from the earliest days of its history until the present time, as well as on its future prospects.

Major changes currently taking place in relation to the production and distribution of books, the advance and overwhelming influence of the media, understanding of the distinct advantages of transmedia reading and the development of the related new discipline paving the way for the historical future of the book, have prompted numerous debates on the past and present of the book as a generic medium.

Some of the themes of the symposium will be A Philological Approach towards the Book, The Book and Society, Literature and Communication by Book, The Book and the Reader, Globalisation Processes and the Book, The Digital Book and Its Problems, etc.

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