The “Voice of NSK” is back!: Check out the new, digitally upgraded, 13th issue of the journal of the National and University Library in Zagreb

Objavljeno 3.8.2017.

After a four-year break, the new, 13th issue of The Voice of NSK, the journal of the National and University Library in Zagreb, has just come out, in both print and digital form.

The Voice of NSK brings its readers information on the Library’s activities, events, programmes and achievements in the field of library and information sciences as well as in the context of its role in Croatia’ science and culture.

The journal, which will now be published semi-annually, has some new sections, while some of the previously existing ones have been remodelled. From now on, the journal’s complete digital edition will also be regularly published, which we hope will considerably increase its availability and reach.

The central feature of this issue is dedicated to the recently launched NSK Portal of Electronic Resources, which has been set up as a result of eResources: Improving access to electronic resources offering scientific and specialised information, a project funded as part of the 2014-2020 operational programme of the European Social Fund.

The issue’s In the focus section has been dedicated to another important topic – the development of the new national cataloguing code, which has been worked on for several years and is now eagerly awaited by the Croatian library community, in particular cataloguers.

NSK Manuscripts and Old Books Collection, as one of four special collections preserving the Library’s greatest treasures, is an endless trove of stories uncovering many interesting details from Croatia’s history. This issue’s NSK treasures section exclusively presents correspondence that passed between the famous Croatian composer Ivo Tijardović and a prominent Croatian emigrant Dr. Felix Turel. The six letters that the two exchanged reveal details surrounding the 1958 US premiere of Tijardović’s probably most well-known operetta Mala Floramye (Little Floramye) that have so far not been documented in any of the available resources on Croatia’s music history, much as the event itself.

The newly introduced Donations section brings the story of a valuable donation to the Library’s Print Collection by Krešimir Penavić, a distinguished Croatian benefactor and philanthropist, who generously gave to the Collection 37 posters by Mirko Ilić, a world-renowned illustrator, graphic designer, drawer and comic strip artist, whose works make part of collections at major art and cultural institutions around the world, including MoMA, New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

The Guest of the issue section brings an interview with Tatjana Nebesny, the winner of the 2016 National and University Library in Zagreb Award and a well-known figure in Croatia’s library sector.

Read about and see the details of the celebration of the 2017 National and University Library in Zagreb Day, or NSK Day, and at the same time the Library’s 410th birthday, whose rich programme also presented a choice selection of book bindings made between the 16th and 19th centuries as part of the Books and Their Attire – Of Days Gone By (Knjige i njihovo ruho – uvezi iz naše prošlosti) exhibition. The Major events section also brings a special article on the Library’s other 2016/2017 exhibitions.

Another newly introduced section, Cooperation, will regularly be bringing news on the Library’s projects with other institutions and organisations in the fields of culture and heritage preservation. In this issue you can learn more about the Collections of the South and East Europe in Europeana, or the CSEEE project, which the Library, as project coordinator and in collaboration with The European Library (TEL), successfully completed in 2016, and Green Library for Green Croatia, an ongoing project aimed at the education and the raising of awareness among the Library’s users on the value and absolute importance of the protection and preservation of the global environment and their active involvement in programmes focusing on environmental issues, both national and global.

And finally, this issue brings a feature on the Library’s Seventh Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects, whose programme addressed issues related to the organisation of digital resources and their accompanying metadata, as well as to ways of enabling their interoperability and openness.

The Voice of NSK, No. 13 (Spring/Summer 2017) – Complete digital edition.

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