The National and University Library in Zagreb joins Instagram – follow us and win prizes!

Objavljeno 27.2.2018.

After seven years of successfully advertising its services and activities in the online environment through its profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn, the National and University Library in Zagreb has joined Instagram, the currently most popular social networking site and photo-sharing application.

Launched in 2010, Instagram currently has more than 800 million users around the world and, along with Facebook and Twitter, is considered one of the most popular social networking applications. 59% of its user population, which daily reaches 500 million, are aged between 18 and 29, while those aged between 30 and 49 make 33%. With around 80% of its users being outside the USA, the number of photographs published on Instagram has so far exceeded 40 billion. Although it runs on both mobile and desktop operating systems, such as Apple iOS, Android and Windows, the publishing of photographs and videos on Instagram is only possible through handheld devices.

Owing to the until now present trend of using Flickr and Pinterest for publishing visual content, only 26% of Europe’s national libraries use Instagram, of which the British Library, National Library of France and National Library of Norway are the most followed. Apart from these major European national libraries, the US Library of Congress and National Library of Australia are also among the world’s leading libraries making use of the advantages associated with Instagram, with the number of followers ranging from several tens of thousands to over 120 thousand.

Following best practice examples regarding the contemporary standards in library activity, the National and University Library in Zagreb started publishing on Instagram the most varied content presenting its holdings and services, ranging from the photographs of the Library’s building, through its collections preserving the greatest of the Library’s treasures, the digitised versions of the most valuable works that it holds, to old postcards featuring Croatia’s historical vistas and old Croatian Christmas cards preserved in the Library’s Print Collection, with plans for continuously adding new content, especially that advertising the Library’s upcoming programmes and activities.

The joining of Instagram by the National and University Library in Zagreb presents both a challenge and an opportunity with regard to the promotion of its resources and services through yet another social networking platform, which is daily visited by the majority of the Library’s younger users. Apart from being an opportunity for acquiring new followers in the online environment, the Library’s joining of Instagram represents yet another step in the continuous development of its services greatly exceeding in scope the first generation of online library services which rightfully makes it part of the contemporary worldwide community of national libraries 2.0 and one of the leading European national libraries in this respect.

Wishing to advertise its presence on this social networking site as well, the National and University Library in Zagreb will award prizes, which will consist of the NSK souvenirs and promotional materials, to three randomly selected users who become the Library’s followers on Instagram until the end of April 2018.