NSK representatives visit flood-stricken Zadar Research Library

Objavljeno 20.9.2017.

Following the recent floods that hit Zadar in a grim anniversary of a similar flooding in 1986, Director General of the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) Tatijana Petrić, Head of the Croatian Institute for Librarianship Tinka Katić and NSK Senior Conservation and Restoration Specialist Lucija Ašler visited Zadar Research Library, the resources in whose collections underwent significant damage.

The water that entered the library’s basement, whose floor area is 400 m2, reached 30 to 50 centimetres in height, flooding 78 metres of library material located on lower shelves – mostly newspapers and journals from the 1950s, particularly valuable since they were copies preserved as a safety measure against the loss of library material precisely in cases of natural disasters. The damaged material had to be moved so that the basement could be thoroughly dried by dehumidifiers, which were sent to Zadar from other Croatian cities.

During a meeting with Director of Zadar Research Library Miro Grubić, NSK representatives and Mr Grubić together determined priorities in relation to activities focusing on the restoration of the damaged resources and the elimination of the consequences of the flooding. “We will not be able to salvage all of the damaged material. Paper is being rapidly destroyed by fungi, mould and bacteria, while part of the material has been instantly and irreversibly devastated by the water surge itself. (…) We are facing a great loss, but part of the material can still be rescued, depending on the course and speed of action that will be decided on by restoration specialists from Zagreb,” said Director Grubić.

(Source of the featured photograph: Zadarski.hr. Photo by: Luka Gerlanc/HANZA MEDIA.)