NSK mobile application “Greetings from Zagreb” wins IFLA BibLibre International Marketing Award 2018

Objavljeno 20.3.2018.

Greetings from Zagreb, a mobile application and project of the National and University in Zagreb (NSK), won the third 2018 BibLibre International Marketing Award, which is presented by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). The Library developed this digital product, unique in the Croatian library sector, along with the accompanying online portal, through cooperation with the Blue factory IT company and with the support of the Zagreb Tourist Board, for the purpose of promoting the Library’s Digital Collections portal and popularising the treasures that it has collected and preserved for more than 400 years. The authors of the application are Sofija Klarin Zadravec and Dragana Koljenik, from the Library’s Croatian Digital Library Development Division, and its development included several other members of the Library’s staff.

The users of Greetings from Zagreb may take a virtual walk through Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and explore ten of its most beautiful sights, whose splendour is presented through the digitised versions of old postcards of Zagreb preserved as part of the Library’s Print Collection. The application users may send as many as 50 attractive digital vintage postcards to their family and friends and discover more about the spirit of Zagreb using other functionalities and features that the application provides. Greetings from Zagreb, which is available in Croatian and English, may be downloaded on Android devices free of charge through Google Play or the application’s microsite, and is accompanied by an interesting online portal providing more information on the entire project.

It was a real challenge to organise the promotional campaign, since the entire budget was used for the application’s development, so all activities surrounding the launching and promotion of the application have solely been the result of the enthusiasm of the members of the project team,” said Koljenik, adding that the application’s success and IFLA’s award are clear evidence that heritage may efficiently be communicated and brought closer to new generations by using advanced technologies.

This year’s IFLA’s BibLibre International Marketing Award competition included submissions from 35 academic and 21 public libraries all around the world. Youth Fine Amnesty, a joint initiative of three New York public libraries (New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Library) won the first award. The campaign, using the widest possible array of communication and advertising strategies, targeted 478,000 young library users with unpaid late fees, including 196,000 of them with blocked accounts, and resulted in the reactivation of library membership of as many as 41,000 young library users.

The runner-up was Keeping Up with the Librarians, a brilliant library-advertising parody of the famous photoshoot of the globally popular Kardashian family which attracted 1 million likes, 12,000 reactions and 5,462 shares on social media. Made by librarians at the Invercargill Public Library, part of the Invercargill City Libraries and Archives from New Zealand, this hilarious satire successfully reached a wider audience, particularly young users, and at the same time spotlighted libraries as agile partakers in the digital age and culture that accompanies it.