NSK granted trial access to The New York Times, “The Gray Lady” of US and global newspaper publishing

Objavljeno 13.4.2017.

Throughout April 2017, the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK), as a constituent part of the University of Zagreb, has been granted free access to one of the world’s most influential newspapers, the famous US daily The New York Times. Via the Library’s IP addresses, this trial access makes available content included on the NYTimes.com platform, including the paper’s international edition The New York Times International, former The International Herald Tribune.

“The Gray Lady” of both US and global newspaper publishing industry, as the paper is frequently referred to, has been present in print form for longer than 165 years, while its daily online edition has been available since 1996. The paper’s long and successful history has been written by journalists whose outstanding writings won them as many as 122 Pulitzer awards, which makes The New York Times the winner of the record number of these prestigious prizes.

Users of this trial access have an almost full access to articles published since 1851 until this day and may use features such as sharing content, posting comments and cross searching of varied content available on the multi-media NYTimes.com platform.

This trial access will be available until 30 April 2017.