NSK exhibition featuring manuscripts by Miroslav Krleža as part of the 7th Miroslav Krleža Festival

Objavljeno 3.7.2018.

The National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) is putting on a special one-day exhibition as part of the 2018, 7th Miroslav Krleža Festival, an annual cultural festival commemorating undoubtedly the greatest Croatian writer of the 20th century and one of the greatest Croatian writers of all time. The exhibition, which will feature Krleža’s manuscripts preserved in the Library’s collections, will be held on 4 July 2018, with theatre specialist and professor at the Department of Comparative Literature of the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Lada Čale Feldman, her colleague professor Tomislav Brlek and Head of the NSK Manuscripts and Old Books Collection Irena Galić Bešker presenting Krleža, as a monumental figure in Croatian – and European – literature, his work and significance.

The displayed material will include Krleža’s manuscripts from his famous cycle of plays on the Glembay family, his diary notes from 1918, his 1952 lecture How Things Stand (Kako stoje stvari), the first edition of the cult classic Ballads of Petrica Kerempuh (Balade Petrice Kerempuha), posters by Boris Dogan and Zlatko Kauzlarić Atač for the play Leda preserved in the Library’s Print Collection and other vivid remains of a time that Krleža left such an indelible mark on. All the exhibited material became part of the Library’s collections in 2001, after a twenty-year moratorium, which was required by Krleža himself.

The exhibition programme will include the launching of the reprint of Croatian rhapsody (Hrvatska rapsodija), as a way of marking the centenary of its original publication. This reprint is the fourth edition of Biblioteka Festivalski Krleža, a book series issued as part of the Festival’s programme, which also includes the reprints of Pan (2017), and Poems I (Pjesme I) and Poems II (Pjesme II) (2018), which have all been co-published by the Library, Jesenski i Turk publishing house and Teatar poezije art organisation. This early Krleža’s works also bear witness to his cooperation with the prominent Croatian painter Ljubo Babić, who, owing to similarities between his and Krleža’s artistic leanings, illustrated and designed them.

The 7th Miroslav Krleža Festival opened on 1 July at the Miroslav and Bela Krleža Memorial Centre in Zagreb with a premier performance of Quizzing Out Krleža (Krležina igra detekcije) by an established progressive theatre and film director Mario Kovač. Spotlighting the 125th anniversary of Krleža’s birth, the Festival’s programme will include a wide range of staged events that will combine various fragments from Krleža’s colossal oeuvre, film screenings, exhibitions, lectures and carefully thought out encounters reviving Krleža’s life and his inestimable legacy.

Programme of the 7th Miroslav Krleža Festival (Croatian text only).