New millennium photograph by Šime Strikoman: A tribute to “Faustus Verantius of the Renaissance”

Objavljeno 23.10.2017.

As a way of marking the 400th anniversary of the death of Faust Vrančić (or Faustus Verantius in Latin) and announcing the upcoming Library’s exhibition in honour of this remarkable 16th/17th-century Croatian inventor, polymath and linguist, on 20 October 2017 Šime Strikoman, a photographer notable for his so-called millennium photo series, made his 595th millennium photograph and the latest in the series dedicated to the most famous of Vrančić’s many projects and inventions, i.e. the parachute (Homo volans – padobran Fausta Vrančića).

The exhibition, Faustus Verantius of the Renaissance (Renesansni Faustus Verantius), will be displayed in the Library’s grand lobby from 6 to 25 November 2017 and commemorate Vrančić’s ground-breaking work and achievements. The resources for its organisation have been provided as part of UNESCO 2017 Anniversaries Programme, with additional financial support from the Foundation of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Croatian Ministry of Culture.

Taken in the immediate vicinity of the Library, the photograph was captured with the participation of some 400 citizens, among whom 200 were the students of the Faust Vrančić School of Mechanical Engineering in Zagreb, members of the Faust Vrančić Inventors Society in Šibenik, students of the Kralj Tomislav primary school in Zagreb, exhibitors at the 15th International Innovation Exhibition ARCA 2017 and the exhibition’s consulting editor from the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Marijana Borić.

Vrančić’s numerous projects included mills, bridges and a wide array of devices, some of which stand out as the first of their kind in the recorded history of technical engineering (e.g. the prototype of the modern cable railway, shock absorber, metal bridge, chain bridge, etc.). However, his most famous project Homo volans, or the flying man, which resulted in the first detailed technical description of the parachute, brought him more than well-deserved worldwide fame.