“Let’s Go Green!”: Register to attend the world’s first international conference on green libraries

Objavljeno 31.8.2018.

The National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) is organising Let’s Go Green, its first international conference on green libraries and the first such conference in the world, which will take place from 8 and 10 November 2018. The conference will be held as part of Green Libraries for Green Croatia, an ongoing project that the Library launched in 2016 for the purpose of educating its users, the majority of which are university students, and raising awareness among the public in general, in relation to the significance of the protection and preservation of natural resources in Croatia as a vital element of its national heritage.

The programme of the conference will present guidelines for the international library community in relation to the growing need for libraries to provide services and organise programmes that highlight the importance of both global and national natural heritage and contribute to the promotion and raising of public awareness in relation to issues surrounding the preservation of the environment and sustainable development. Through enabling the exchange of insights concerning previous, current and predicted impact of the programmes of heritage institutions on their users, the conference will also offer possibilities for the strengthening of the existing cooperation between institutions in the heritage sector.

The members of the library community and other conference participants will have an opportunity to become better acquainted with the latest developments in the “green libraries” field and learn more about examples of good practice in this context. The conference programme will include presentations by internationally acclaimed researchers, experts and activists in a wide range of “green” fields.

All interested in attending the conference may register online until 30 September 2018.

The conference, which is supported by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the Croatian Ministry of Culture, is co-organised through the Library’s cooperation with the Croatian Library Association’s Working Group for Green Libraries.

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