International professional conference: Official publications and government information in the libraries of the Republic of Croatia

Objavljeno 7.5.2012.

The National and University Library in Zagreb is organizing an International professional conference entitled Official publications and government information in the libraries of the Republic of Croatia. Supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the Conference is scheduled to take place on 24 and 25 May 2012 at the Pula City Library and Reading Room, a co-organizer of the Conference.

The programme of the Conference is intended for librarians working in public, school, academic, university and specialized libraries, which are legally responsible to assemble collections of official publications or do so in accordance with their official policies or user requirements. The Conference will include invited presentations by Croatian and international professionals, various workshops and discussions. The programme of the Conference will analyze the legal standing of official publications and practices related to this kind of material in the libraries of the Republic of Croatia and the libraries of Croatia’s neighbouring countries, and it will include the publishing of the Conference proceedings.

The objectives of this professional conference are to:

– expand librarians’ knowledge on official publications,
– improve library services related to the resources and accessibility of official publications,
– assist librarians in the promotion of the intellectual initiative in enforcing high standards of librarianship and in preparing library users for living and working in a community which conforms to European and world standards, i.e. their promotion of the values associated with political culture,
– stimulate the development of libraries into information centres, where members of local communities may get both a general insight into official publications and government information as well as specific information about individual regions of the Republic of Croatia, and finally
– encourage the strengthening of political culture through the network of libraries, innovations and the ability to recognize official publications, with the ultimate aim of raising awareness of their significance for every individual and the entire community.

The registration fee is HRK 150.00 (VAT included), including attendance and Conference materials.

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