IFLA Global Vision – take part in making it real!

Objavljeno 4.4.2018.

On 19 March 2018, as part of the annual President’s Meeting of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), IFLA Global Vision Report Summary was presented. IFLA Global Vision Discussion, the Federation’s 2017 campaign run for the purpose of developing guidelines for the global library community with regard to challenges that librarians currently face as a result of today’s dynamic social and economic developments coupled with rapid technological development, included more than 31,000 participants from 190 countries on all seven continents.

The results of this global discussion, conducted as part of various meetings, workshops and conferences, as well as through an online voting platform, indicate that librarians all around the world share attitudes concerning ten key points, i.e. that libraries are institutions whose principal purpose is to provide free and equal access to information and knowledge, whose fundamental social role is to support literacy, learning and reading, whose activities are primarily directed towards local communities that they operate as part of, that are open to innovations in the field of digital technologies and should act as leaders on the national and regional levels in matters of great social importance. The international library community also shares the view that the greatest challenge to libraries on the global scale is funding and that in conducting their activities they should be as least bureaucratic and as open to changes made necessary by social developments as possible. Likewise, in order to be as well prepared for future challenges as possible, libraries should further improve their cooperation and develop strong partnerships, along with attracting young professionals, whose enthusiasm and progressive ideas, as well as readiness for leadership, will make possible the taking of the traditional role of libraries as the guardians of the memory of the world to a new level.

Based on these key points and other highlights of the presented report, IFLA is launching a new round of activities focusing on the establishment of the future global development strategy for libraries. By organising workshops and through a special online platform, IFLA will be pooling the ideas of librarians all around the globe for the purpose of setting out guidelines for all types of libraries in all types of regions and communities which will enable them to jointly contribute to the development of literate, informed and participative societies.

IFLA invites all members of the international library community to become better acquainted with the details of the IFLA Global Vision Report Summary and contribute to the development of guidelines for libraries all around the world by offering their ideas.