The upcoming history festival at the NUL: Festival povijesti Kliofest 2014.

Objavljeno 30.5.2014.

The National and University Library in Zagreb will host a festival of history entitled Festival povijesti Kliofest 2014. from 3 to 7 June 2014.

The organisers of the festival – named after Clio, the Greek muse and patron of history – wish to bring history and its founders, creators and interpreters closer to the visitors, popularise the publishing of works in the field of historiography and its related disciplines, encourage debates between historians on some significant historical issues, issues pertaining to historical science and the position and status of various specialists in this field in today’s Croatian society.

Apart from roundtables, public debates, book launches and lectures, the programme of Kliofest will offer several workshops organised by historians, archivists, museum specialists and publishers, an arms and weapons exhibition and film screenings. The festival will bring together many distinguished Croatian historians, including several foreign guests.

A particularly important part of the festival will be a selling exhibition in the lobby of the National and University Library in Zagreb as part of which some thirty Croatian publishers will present the entire Croatian publishing output of various works and publications in the field of history and its related sciences.

The main organiser of this event is the Croatian National Committee of Historical Sciences, and the co-organisers are the National and University Library in Zagreb, Publishers’ Reprographic Rights Association ZANA, Publishers and Booksellers Association and Croatian central historical association Društvo za hrvatsku povijesnicu.

Apart from the National and University Library in Zagreb, other institutions that will host the programme of this festival include the Croatian State Archives, Croatian Institute of History, and art movie theatre Grič.

Learn more about Festival povijesti Kliofest 2014. (programme available in Croatian only).