“Faces of Europe” virtual exhibition on Europeana

Objavljeno 13.1.2017.

Faces of Europe, a virtual exhibition on Europeana, a digital library, museum and archive bringing together in one place Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, takes us on an exciting journey through no less than 500 years of European art by featuring an exquisite selection of masterpieces by authors from all across the “Old Continent”. Apart from the works of world-famous European painters such as Rembrandt, Velazquez, Manet, Munch, which include a classic piece of Croatian naïve art by Ivan Rabuzin, this exhibition highlights equally valuable works by less well known artists and also presents the artistic achievements of a significant number of female artists, who more often than not created their works in the shadow of their male colleagues.

Each of the exhibition’s seven chapters presents Europe’s visual art from a different perspective, from medieval Gothic art and the origins of the Renaissance, through the Baroque period and the Age of Enlightenment, paintings of the turbulent 18th century, nationalism-flavoured romanticism and the rediscovery of nature as a source of inspiration, all the way to modern art with its innovative challenging of the concepts of beauty and truth.

Works for this exhibition have been selected from a digital collection Europeana 280, which Europeana created in collaboration with the ministries of culture of all 28 European Union member states, with the aim of promoting Europe’s vast and varied cultural heritage. The collection includes more than 300 works of art, since Norway also joined this project. Apart from the abovementioned work by the famous Croatian naïve art painter Rabuzin, the selection of ten representative works of Croatian visual art also includes outstanding works of art by painters Federiko Benković, Marino Tartaglia, Josip Seissel, Ivan Picelj, Edo Murtić, Julije Knifer, Ivan Kožarić and Boris Bućan.