European Year of Cultural Heritage: NSK hosting “I Feel Slovenia. I Feel Culture” photographic exhibition

Objavljeno 15.6.2018.

The National and University Library in Zagreb is hosting I Feel Slovenia. I Feel Culture, a photographic exhibition organised by the Slovenian Government Communication Office and the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, as part of the EU European Year of Cultural Heritage programme. Put on as a way of marking the Slovenian Statehood Day (25 June), the exhibition opened on 13 June and will remain on view until 26 June 2018.

Featuring the works of the most prominent Slovenian photographers, the exhibition presents such highlights of Slovenia’s cultural and natural heritage as the Solkan bridge, the longest stone bridge in the world, the Škofja Loka Passion Play tradition, which has been inscribed on the UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, a former mercury mine in Idrija, a site included on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, along with sites of exquisite natural beauty – the Velika Planina plateau, the Brda hills, karst caves, the vineyards of the world-famous Terrano grape, etc.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage programme has been conducted all around the European Union for the purpose of encouraging its citizens to reflect upon the place of cultural heritage in their lives and better understand and appreciate its value. Our heritage: Where the past meets the future, the slogan of this all-year-round European initiative, reminds us that our active engagement with cultural heritage is the essential prerequisite for its long-term preservation, a wise way to make the most out of our presence and really the only way to build a safe and bright future for generations to come.

The National and University Library in Zagreb joined this cultural initiative by several of its own programmes, celebrating all forms of Croatia’s national heritage – the Book Art in Croatia exhibition, which was hosted by the National and University Library in Ljubljana, Fiofest 2018 concert, which commemorated maestro Fio, a great name in the context of the preservation of Croatia’s musical heritage, Eight Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects, the Books, directions, audiences exhibition, prepared in cooperation with the St. Cyril and Methodius National Library of Bulgaria, and Croatian Glagolitic Heritage, an upcoming exhibition scheduled to take place in November and December 2018.