“Elsevier” organises webinar in Croatian on its Scopus database

Objavljeno 23.3.2017.

On 11 April 2017 and in collaboration with its representatives in Croatia, Elsevier, one of the world’s leading provider of information in the fields of science, modern technology and medicine and a prominent academic publisher of more than 2,500 scientific journals, is organising the last in a series of its webinars in the Croatian language that were held over the last two months.

This webinar series started in February, with a webinar on Elsevier’s Mendeley reference management software, while the upcoming April webinar will in a way be a sequel to the webinar held in March, since they both focus on Scopus, the world’s largest abstract and citation database provided by Elsevier.

Scopus indexes journals, book series, trade journals and published material from conferences in all scientific fields and provides insight into research results published in over 22,500 peer-reviewed journals, including 4,200 full open access titles. It offers access to over 66 million records and its patent databases include 27 million records from five patent offices.

Elsevier, which over the last few years has been at the very centre of heated debates between the members of the academic community and representatives of publishers concerning contradicting issues arising from the clash between the need to enable as open as possible access to scientific information on the one hand and the need of publishers to generate profit on the other, is currently the third largest open access publisher in the world. With a successful tradition in the academic publishing business longer than 130 years, apart from its overwhelming output of peer-reviewed scientific journals Elsevier also boasts the publication of more than 30,000 electronic books and over 900 million downloads of its sources per year.

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