Eight Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects: Call for Participation

Objavljeno 5.4.2018.

The National and University Library in Zagreb will host the Eight Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects on 3 and 4 May 2018.

The programme of this year’s D-Fest will provide insight into the current status of digitisation of cultural heritage, national digitisation infrastructure and products developed as a result of digital culture. Apart from addressing issues related to possibilities for the creative use of digital cultural heritage, the Festival will present the latest digitisation projects, along with offering perspectives on future developments expected in this field.

The Festival will open with an overview of the development of digital libraries in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, while a subsequent session of international presentations will be dedicated to five European digitisation projects sharing a common central element – a digital platform serving both as a unique point of access to and presentation of digitised resources of heritage institutions.

After a session of poster presentations, the programme of the Festival will proceed with a session presenting several cooperation projects and an overview of the currently ongoing digitisation programmes and projects and the resulting new services.

The Festival’s second day will focus on the current issue of the creative use of digital cultural heritage and the development of products associated with digital culture. Apart from presentations providing a theoretical perspective on the subject, the programme will include several presentations on the projects of creative individuals, companies and institutions that used digitised resources in the development of their digital products and services. In this way, the Festival will provide opportunities for professional debate and the exchange of ideas on the role of digitisation and the place of heritage institutions in terms of economy and the digital market.

Several presentations on the Festival’s second day will also address important professional issues in the field of the development of the digital resources management systems, their search and data visualisation features. Digitisation of local heritage is another significant issue that will be addressed through several presentations on both days of the Festival.

We expect that the Festival will provide its participants with opportunities to get better acquainted with the latest developments in the field of digitisation, enable the exchange of experiences with and between various types of heritage and IT specialists, creative individuals, heads of digitisation projects and the representatives of companies and give rise to the development of new cooperation projects.

Detailed information, the preliminary programme and online registration form are available on the Festival’s website.