Call for Papers and Participation: The 11th Croatian Conference on Public Libraries – With International Participation

Objavljeno 13.3.2017.

The 11th Croatian Conference on Public Libraries will be held from 11 to 13 October 2017 in Crikvenica.

The Conference’s main organiser is the National and University Library in Zagreb, with the Croatian Library Association and Crikvenica Town Library acting as co-organisers and the National and University Library in Ljubljana (Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica Ljubljana) and the Slovenian Library Association (Zveza bibliotekarskih društev Slovenije) acting as partners.

The theme of this year’s Conference spotlights the need for bringing together public libraries in a network that would facilitate further development of digital library services and libraries’ presentation to the public (Mreža narodnih knjižnica – suradnja u razvoju digitalnih usluga i predstavljanju javnosti). The programme of the Conference will provide insight into various theoretical and practical issues concerning public libraries’ online services and viable models of connecting public libraries in the online environment, along with addressing issues concerning the strengthening of cooperation between public libraries in joint projects and their linking through a system of portals and dynamic websites at the national level. Examples of practice of libraries from other countries will also be presented and opportunities offered for establishing international cooperation.

Everyone interested in delivering their presentation at the Conference should submit their abstracts not later than 15 April 2017.

Learn more about the 11th Croatian Conference on Public Libraries (Croatian version only).