A four-day night on the way: Croatian Book Night 2017

Objavljeno 20.4.2017.

On Friday, 21 April 2017, starting at 12.00, for the sixth time in a row the National and University Library in Zagreb will host the opening ceremony of this year’s four-day long Croatian Book Night, a national annual programme, regularly held under the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and Croatian Commission for UNESCO at the Croatian Ministry of Culture, that puts in the spotlight the book and reading, seeking to bring to as wide an audience as possible the significance and beauty of the written word, the magic of entire worlds bound between book covers and the joy of exploring them.

The programme of the opening ceremony will include the presentation of the results of the latest survey of Croatia’s book market conducted by the GfK market research agency which will provide insight into the number of books that Croats read per year, how often they are likely to borrow and buy books, and thus reveal a clearer picture of how really interested in books they are, if at all.

When it comes to Book Night’s advocacy of the importance of reading, its programme this year will present examples of good practice adopted and implemented by the Croatian Reading Association, whose special reading programme for prison inmates and their children has recently won the 2017 Award for Innovative Reading Promotion in Europe, which is given by International Literacy Association (ILA), the world’s largest organisation for the promotion of literacy. Another Croatian association whose principal beneficiaries are children and the younger population, Udruga za promicanje potreba i djece i mladih “Smiješak za sve”, will also present its activities, with special emphasis on a project that it runs in collaboration with Portić, an association for the promotion of the welfare of children, and as part of which little patients treated in two Zagreb hospitals are regularly visited by the most dedicated bedtime storytellers.

Book Night this year will last for no less than four days – from 21 to 24 April. Its many programmes and activities will include the marking of Croatian Book Day, 22 April, as well as World Book and Copyright Day, which is celebrated on 23 April. The longest of all nights of culture in Croatia so far will be held in 234 cities and towns across the country, with over 500 participants, who have prepared as many as 1020 different programmes and events, including book sales and other promotional offers.

The organisers of Book Night 2017 are the Publishers and Booksellers Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, National and University Library in Zagreb, Zagreb City Libraries, Knjižni blok – Inicijativa za knjigu pro-book association, Publishers’ Reprographic Rights Association – ZANA (Udruga za zaštitu prava nakladnika) and Moderna vremena, a books-and-culture-oriented portal. The 2017 Book Night programme is financially supported by the Publishers’ Reprographic Rights Association – ZANA (Udruga za zaštitu prava nakladnika), Croatian Ministry of Culture and City of Zagreb.

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