2017 Doors Open Days at the National and University Library in Zagreb

Objavljeno 13.2.2017.

410 years of history, 3 million volumes, 130 kilometres of bookshelves, 46 digital collections

Following the upcoming celebration of the Day of the National and University Library in Zagreb, NSK Day, on 23 and 24 February 2017 the Library will hold its annual Doors Open Days programme.

Each year the programme enables the wider public to get better acquainted with the Library and its collections. This year guided tours will be organised at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00 and include a visit to the Library’s four special collections (Manuscripts and Old Books Collection, Print Collection, Map Collection and Music Collection), Reference Collection, reading rooms and their collections, closed stacks collection, and the Library’s printing and bookbinding section. The visitors of NSK Doors Open Days will also be able to take part in The Secrets of Manual Bookbinding (Ručna izradba uveza), a workshop showcasing different techniques of manual bookbinding and book decoration. A Walk Down Digital Library Lane (Šetnja digitalnom knjižnicom), a special presentation focusing on digitisation as one of the most important contemporary library missions, will present to NSK Doors Open Days visitors digital-born and digitised resources available as part of the NSK Digital Collections portal.

As a traditional part of its Doors Open Days programme, the Library will be waiving all late return charges, so NSK users may return their overdue loans free of any charge.

Come take a look inside the central Croatian library and learn more about activities that it conducts, services it provides and valuable treasures that it preserves in its rich and varied collections.

The 2017 NSK Doors Open Days programme of events:

Thursday, 23 February, and Friday, 24 February

o 11.00; 13.00, side lobby
A Walk Down Digital Library Lane (Šetnja digitalnom knjižnicom) – a presentation of the Library’s digitisation programme,

o 13.00, NSK Bookbinding Section
The Secrets of Manual Bookbinding (Ručna izradba uveza) – a workshop showcasing manual bookbinding techniques (workshop registration at srakic-mutak@nsk.hr).

Guided tours of the Library will be organised on both days at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00, based on prior registration at otvorena vrata@nsk.hr.